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Brochure Design is another great art of designing for informative or promotional tasks of a company. Brochure design is great tools for either informative or promotional tasks. As being part of your company's identity, the brochure design process must be carried out with care: purpose, format, copy, paper stock used, etc., are variables which must be thought and taken into consideration.

There are many types of brochures. One must be used to seeing many of them, but there are many other possibilities. The most common ones like Double Letter Bi-fold Brochure, tri-fold Brochure, Letter Brochure, and Folder with Inserts & Flap Brochure etc. However, we can of course design any type of brochure you need for your company.

By creating a visual impact to your visitor or audience, they are more prone to read/look at what you have to say and possibly keep it. The visual impact comes from research of your industry as well as your competition. This strategic approach allows are the basis of information, which when combined with creativity will create the best possible brochure for your company.


The design process plays a major role in expressing your company's goals:

  • PHASE ONE - Defining the Problem
    In our first few meetings we will help you visualize and define the problem at hand which will be done by discussing your business and marketing objectives, discussing about your competition and opportunities. The end state of the project is visualized; giving us a well defined starting point and finish line.

  • PHASE TWO - Competitive Analysis
    Next to help differentiate you, we take a look at what your competitors are doing, we analyze the competition, your competitors, their marketing strategies, to try to find a better opportunity in the market for you.

  • PHASE THREE - Strategy and Positioning
    Now that we've defined your identity, evaluated your competition, and researched any opportunities, we'll recommend a course of action. We'll present one or two fully developed concept and design to get your approval and selection of the final chosen one.

  • PHASE FOUR - Concept Refinement
    During this portion of the project we refine the selected concept and design. Feedback from yours side is used to make important changes to help fit the brochure into your business strategy until it takes the final shape.

  • PHASE FIVE - Project Completion
    Once the brochure design is finished, we will deliver you all the required printing files of designing in a CD and also through mail, if possible. [size matters] We will deliver the best quality of the design file to make sure you get the best quality of printing.
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