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A good banner design company can help a company to advertise its products or services to customers more effectively. Good, professional banner design can also help individuals and businesses to promote their brands online including on social networks. A banner ad is designed to promote your brand and to attract traffic to your website. A good banner ad is more than just a great logo design. Banner ads sometimes use animation and sound.

Banners are intended to work the same way as normal advertisements. When customers see banner ads you would certainly want the banner ad to persuade the consumer about why they should choose the product or service you are marketing. Keep in mind that banner ad sizes have been standardized and there are multiple different size requirements which depends on the website where you will like to advertise. For example, large rectangle banner ads are 336 by 280 pixels, leaderboard banner ads are 728 by 90 pixels, and standard skyscrapers are 160 by 600 pixels.

So it's better to have a clear picture of what sizes you need for your banner ads before contacting us.

Both print and web banners are really created to make a memorable impact and encourage the visitor to click through to your website. "BANNER DESIGN" - Love them or hate them doesn't matter, but yes banner ads are one of the dominant forms of advertising online. Due to the widespread acceptance of the standard 468x60 banner ad size, buyers can easily secure placements at most sites, and publishers can accept ads from most advertisers.

Banners are primarily judged on the basis of click-through rate (Ctr). In the early days of the Web, click-through rates were generally much higher than they are now, perhaps due to the technical limitations, the awkward horizontal shape, poor banner design, and accumulated bad experiences of Web surfers.

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