What is Website Conversion Rate ?

06 Mar 2014
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How does the conversion value relate to return on investment of a marketing campaign?
Conversion is an action a user takes on your site that has value to your business. Basically it's a sale but it can also be a newsletter sign-up, file download, viewing a video or a request for more information.

If you know what a conversion is worth to you and the percentage of traffic visiting, your conversion page versus the traffic that do convert (the conversion rate), then it's easy to calculate your return on investment (ROI) for any marketing campaign.

After looking at the calculations (above picture), you might think that you just need to increase CR to increase ROI. Though you are on right track but conversion rates mostly depends on two important factors.

  • Qualified Traffic
    The main aim/goal is to focus and capture the only traffic that's likely to get converted into clients. This is where your direct marketing will be used to grab visitors attention. A valuable content, a paid search ad or recommendations from social media channels are among few ways which you can use to obtain quality traffic.

  • Landing Page
    A landing page is a specific page or area of your website where traffic is sent (via links from online advertisements, organic search results, social media or email) specifically to prompt a certain action or result. And since a visitor usually lands on a page after clicking on a link, so it's important that the links you use to send traffic to your website is relevant to what that person is looking for. Once on your landing page, it's basically a tactic of one-on-one selling. So if it's not what people are looking for, you would likely get a low conversion.
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